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A young child looks at roll of honour Canadian D-Day WW2 Beny-sur-Mer Cemetery


June 6th 1944 - D-Day - the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, also known as 'Operation Overlord' and 'Operation Neptune'  ( the sea-borne part of the operation). The landings commenced on June 6, 1944 (D-Day), beginning at 6:30 British Double Summer Time (H-Hour).

In historical and human consequences, D-Day is probably the most critical turning point in history, signalling the beginning of the end of  fascism and the return of liberty to hundreds of millions of people. It was the largest and most complex logistical and human exercise in history, drawing upon human and military resources on an unprecedented scale.

Spirit of Remembrance is proud to present our new web-site to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, with extensive information on the History and Background of D-Day, D-Day Maps, a great D-Day Image Library and our special 70th anniversary  Normandy D-Day Battlefield Tour.

(*Note: our accommodation for this tour is at nearby Houlgate on the coast itself (1 hour drive away from the Normandy D-Day area) staying in high quality serviced apartments. Most other D-Day Tour operators accommodation is located much further away. )

The French Ministry of Defence has announced that the international ceremony for the 70th anniversary will be held on Sword Beach. Read more: Official website: 70th D-Day Anniversary:
and Normandy celebrates Liberty:  2014 What's on Diary: 

2014 70th Anniversary D-Day Battlefield Tour

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Spirit of Remembrance is a proud partner of the Guild of Battlefield Guides (GBG). Many of our guides are ex-military and are badged Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Partner : Guild of Battlefield Guides
WW2 veteran medals including the Normandy Clasp

Partner: Guild of Battlefield Guides British troops advancing off  Sword Beach British soldiers fighting house to house at Arnhem Knocked out German Tiger Tank British commandos landing on Gold Beach Juno Beach D-Day


Images: Imperial War MuseumWikimedia Commons

SPIRIT OF REMEMBRANCE  presents the 'never to be forgotten' 7Oth D-Day Anniversary Battlefield Tour Experience to Normandy, June 2014. Please note space is very limited for this once in a lifetime experience visiting the D Day beaches in Normandy.(Choice of  SWORD, JUNO, GOLD, OMAHA & UTAH beaches). Visit Arromanches where the Mulberry Harbour played a vital role, and the nearby German coastal battery at Longues. Visit Pegasus Bridge and the Café Gondrée – hear about the bold glider assault, and see the first building in France to be liberated. Also browse the extensive image library, d-day history and background, the d-day idea, the d-day go ahead and d-day maps.

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